Sarah Jane’s Lip Fillers

When you think of lip fillers, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is Kylie Jenner lips, or certain celebrities that have overdone their lips. There is still a stigma linked today to fillers, botox etc., the thing is people are having the treatments done, just very few openly talk about it.

For the last 2 years I have been contemplating having my own lips filled, mainly my top lip as it is smaller than my bottom and every time I smile I feel it goes. I have been watching clients attend our cosmetic clinic to Dr Kent for the last 4 years and admire the work he does on our clients lips. It was recently that my decision was nearly made with one particular clients lips, I was blown away how natural they were. So I decided to treat myself for my 32nd birthday and get the lips I always wanted!

It was lovely to be on the other side of the room being a client which I never get a chance to do. A consultation was carried out first where I had to fill out a few medical questions and then chatted to Dr Kent about my lips. Dr Kent recommended to start with a half ml of the Juvederm Ultra Smile and that juvedermhe would mainly concentrate on my top lip but would put a small amount into my bottom lip for hydration. Fillers are made of hylauronic acid to enhance the appearance and add volume to the lips. They can last anywhere from 6-12 months.

An anesthetic cream was then applied to my lips  which worked very fast, I have to say it was some stuff and I have had a few advanced treatments over the years. My cupids bow was then marked out with a white eyeliner and once the shape was set the treatment started. Dr Kent mainly injected my top lip but I had about 3 injections into my bottom lip to add hydration to give them a little plump, it was very comfortable and I only felt the slightest pinch of the needle. The treatment was very quick and then it was all over. I was given the mirror and I instantly loved them.Treatment x6 10-3-18

Dr Kent then advised me that there would be swelling over the next couple of days, and the anesthetic would take a bit of time to wear off. When I got home, I took arnica tablets in case I got any bruising from the injections as I do bruise very easily. Once the anesthetic cream wore off, the lips were slightly swollen but by no means swollen that I couldn’t be seen in public. The lips were a little bit uncomfortable then, where I knew I had injections in my lip but I was not in any pain.

The day after the treatment, my lips were still a little swollen but had gone down compared to the previous day but completely comfortable. I had no bruising inside or outside my lips. By the following day there was no swelling at all in my lips. I am absolutely delighted with my lips, they are so natural but still I notice the difference, best birthday present!


Sarah Jane x

pics of each day

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