DMK Home Prescriptives

“There are no secret formulas, no special techniques from abroad and no miracle scientific breakthroughs that alleviate all skin conditions, including ageing. There are only the dictates of our own body chemistry and we must match that chemistry as closely as possible to provide the ideal environment for healthy skin to thrive.” – Danné Montague-King

DMK believes that the origin of most skin conditions is a result of disharmony within the skin. Using the principles of biochemistry, DMK has formulated a range of treatments and products that encourage skin to perform like youthful, healthy skin. By matching formulations with the body’s chemistry, the skin is encouraged to respond in a positive manner.

DMK home prescriptives are formulated to allow transepidermal delivery which is the slow release of ingredients into the skin where they can be stored for up to eight hours. Of the DMK Remove, Rebuild, Protect and Maintain concept, the Maintain phase is most vital to obtaining lasting results.



A deep cleansing gel containing salicylic acid designed for a mild exfoliating of dead cuticle build up. Its deep penetrating action helps keep pores clean while penetrating and drying up existing acne. 

Milk Cleanser 

A low pH cleansing milk with White Oak Bark, Birch Bark, Yucca and Soybean extracts for dry, fragile, delicate and sensitive skin, as well as skin prone to eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. 

Deep Pore Cleanser

A non-alkaline cleanser with White Oak Bark,Yucca and Aloe extracts that removes make up, dirt and dead skin cells without drying out the skin.  For normal to oily skin, congested, acne prone skin and darker skin tones.


Beta Gel

Immune-boosting serum for acne, sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, premature ageing, sluggish skins, super sensitive skins and anyone who needs increased healing and regeneration. A unique serum packed with Vitamin C and the most potent beta-glucan extracted from yeasts cell wall. Beta Gel solution can help reduce swelling, redness and inflammation allowing healthier skin cells to fight back. It can be applied directly on any skin condition.

Direct Delivery C Serum 

Assists in preventing and revising the signs of biological and environmental ageing. Recommended for ageing, sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring. With 4 different types of Vitamin C, Direct Delivery Vitamin C is the most potent time released Vitamin C Serum available.

Super Serum

A combination of Beta-glucan and Vitamin C which promotes hydration and is suitable for all skin types.Super Serum helps stimulate the langerhan cells of the immune system to protect the skin, reduce swelling, redness and inflammation pigmentation. It also stimulates the fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Acu Mist

Contains Aloe and plant extracts that help normalise the skins acid mantle. Specifically for acne prone and oily skin.

Herb & Mineral Mist

Contains over 98% cold water soaked herbs that act systemically as well as have a direct effect on the skin. Herb & Mineral Mist is a polarized spray which aids in transepidermal delivery of DMK oils and crème; infusing a multitude of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and water. This could be thought of as the “vehicle” that carries the nutrients.


Herbal Pigment Oil

A rich, nourishing,  skin brightening oil designed to reduce hyperpigmentation. Excellent for dark circles, fine lines around the eyes and dark areas around the elbows, knees and even dry lips. It  nourishes and  strengthens while it lightens and brightens. It can be used in conjunction with Melanotech Crème or other DMK products.


A fractionated blend of herbal oils and vitamin E, which is vital for collagen production. It selas in moisture helping to combat dryness, lipid dry skin, dehydration and skin suffering from transepidermal water loss. When used with Herb & Mineral Mist, Seba-e will re-establish the protective acid mantle and promote barrier repair by replicating the natural way skin secretes oil

Nourishing Crèmes:

Acu Crème

Designed for skin that is extra oily, acne, or for people who have a high cell turnover. Contains Eucalyptus to purify and detoxify the skin as well as avocado to nourish the skin, keeping it soft and supple. The ingredients serve as a non-greasy moisturiser, to help clear and prevent acne whilst aiding the skin to heal.

Acu-Moist SPF15

A gentle moisturising lotion ideally suited for anyone experiencing over drying caused by acne treatments or anyone looking for a non-oily, light moisturiser.

Betagen Crème

Designed to enhance the skin’s immune system and is often described as an “emergency crème” for reactive, irritated or inflamed skin due to its calming and soothing effect. Good for premature ageing, sun damaged skin, eczema, psoriasis and sluggish skin. Contains powerful antioxidants that can assist the healing process while revising the visible signs and effects of ageing.

Biogen C Crème SPF15

A “beauty in a flash ” creme designed to pick up tired and stressed skin, it aims to stimulate, tone and tighten dull stressed skin. Improves tissue oxygenation and strengthens weakened capillaries. Helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Helps prevent the signs of ageing with UVA & UVB sun protection.

Crème Citrique SPF15

A unique formultion for oily skin that is designed to maintain the skin’s pH balance, regulate oil flow and help inhibit pigmentation. Compounded with fermented orange peel, the crèmes gentle citric action brightens, lightens and tones the skin. It gives super hydration while normalizing oily skin and providing UVA & UVB protection.

Nite Firming 

Specialized crème that is designed to help repair and fight the signs of ageing. Using a multitude of active ingredients, essential fatty acids, vitamins and super antioxidants. Nite Firming crème can penetrate deep into the skin assisting natural collagen production and restoring a more youthful looking appearance. May be applied around the eye area and is suitable for use on the neck, decollete and jowls.

Nutra Screen SPF30

The ultimate “skin food” containing amino acids, proteins and antioxidants to replenish and protect the skin. This water resistant creme is non-greasy, lightweight and offers high UVA and UVB protection. Designed to keep the surface of the skin supple and moist, aid skin regeneration and protect the skin by increasing its ability to retain moisture and water.

Pro Amino Crème

A nutrient creme for neutral skins and those looking to maintain a youthful healthy appearance. Contains eight essential amino acids necessary for the life of a skin cell. Helps maintain the skin’s pH balance while promoting the tightening and toning of tissue. Contains lipids that provide deep natural moisture and one of the most powerful Vitamin C complexes available today.

Corrective Crèmes:

Melanotech Crème 

For those concerned with uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Formulated with herbal extracts to help revise hyper-pigmentation, even out skin tone and brighten the skin.


Designed for skin on a maintenance program. This light exfoliating product aims to maintain cellular renewal and encourage a healthy, youthful complexion. Its key function is to strengthen skin tissues through the regulation of cell proliferation.


Contains a blend of Vitamin A derivatives to regulate cellular turnover and encourage healthy skin. Recommended for those who suffer from premature ageing, acne, pigmentation, scarring and clients undergoing a professional skin revision program.

Super Bright

Revolutionary blend of botanical ingredients working to lighten the skin by targeting pigmentation without the side effects of harmful toxins and does not make you more photo sensitive. Suitable for hyperpigmentation, dark, dull or sun damaged skins.

Eye & Neck:

Eye Tone

Plumps up the skin and rebuilds the fragile skin around the eye and neck area by promoting normal cellular proliferation, strengthens fragile capillaries, reducing dark circles. It revises wrinkles and fine lines, dark circles and puffy bags while hydrating and softening the skins blood supply to the wounded area.

Fine Line Crème

A rich nourishing crème designed to revise fine lines and stubborn crepe-like areas, use to target the eyes, neck, top lip. Revises and strengthens skin with a rich blend of skin identical lipids that provide the skin with amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Barrier Protection:

DMK Sunscreen SPF 15

Protects skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays that contribute to premature ageing and pigmentation. Formulated with a water resistant base that is light, non-greasy and is perfect for acne, oily skin as well as dry, dehydrated, mature skin. It can also be used over all DMK products and effectively under make-up.


A rich cream designed to hydrate and lock moisture into extremely dry and scaly skin. It is a powerful lubricant whose natural sealants grab moisture and penetrate deep into the tissue increasing the skin’s moisture. It is an excellent barrier repair cream for supreme hydration protecting the skin from transepidermal water loss.


Acu Klear

Uses salicylic acid to kill acne bacteria and dry up active acne. Its combination of herbal extracts and ingredients are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and free radical scavengers. This treatment lotion provides fast acting relief from acne and clearer-looking skin in just days.


Addresses those swollen impacted pores that feel like cysts beneath the skin. It creates psuedo heat to help “melt” away the waxy plug responsible for the backup.

Actrol Powder

An antibacterial powder specifically formulated to reduce excess sebaceous oil flow whilst assisting in the clearing of acne. It absorbs oil without dehydrating the skin. Suitable for sensitive, oily and acne prone skins.


An anti-trauma formula that can be used for minor skin irritations and itching due to eczema, dermatitis or professional skin revision treatments. It is frequently recommended for skins that have undergone surgical procedures or advanced skin revision.


A deep cleansing liquid, designed to remove toxins and free radicals causing pollutants in the skin. Strong odours may be present when applied to extremely toxic skin, odour will disappear with rinsing.

Melanotech Drops

Contains melanin inhibitors and antioxidants. Helps prevent further pigmentation whilst revising uneven skin tone, dark spots and pigmentation.

Pore Reduction Plus

Visibly reduces pores without stripping the skin of natural oils or causing an increase in oil production. Helps clear the pores and allows them to refine naturally, minimizing the appearance of open pores. Suitable for acne, congested, reactive and inflamed skin.

Red Vein

Assists in the revision of broken capillaries and swollen veins, by aiding to flush out stagnation and strengthen capillary walls. Plant-based active ingredients stimulate the blood flow in order to flush capillaries and strengthen capillary walls. This action visibly reduces permanent and intermittent redness.


The new and improved DMK Calerase hand and foot cream designed for calloused, dry and cracked skin. It’s desquamating properties help minimise dry and dead skin. Apply to dry cleansed skin, wrap with plastic wrap for 30 minutes. Rub in to skin and wipe excess.

Masques & Exfoliants:

Acu Masque

Ideal for oily skins prone to blemishes, this masque aims to fight acne-causing bacteria, purify the skin, soothe and reduce redness and inflammation. It purifies ducts which are plugged by dead cells and sebum, and prevents pimple eruptions, while acting as an astringent on enlarged pores.

Exoderma Peel

A natural exfoliating formula from the sea that helps remove dead, dry skin cells. A quick pick-me-up and skin tightening treatment suitable for mature, sensitive skins. Mix with Foamy Lift for a deeper exfoliating treatment.

Foamy Lift

A water soluble masque created to gently exfoliate the skin that tightens and tones the skin helping to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities by reverse osmosis. It is used with Exoderma Peel to create a rejuvenated appearance.

Hydrating Masque

Provides supreme hydration by helping restore the interstitial liquid of the epidermis. It helps prevent premature ageing, wrinkles and fine lines by fighting off the damaging effects of free radicals.

Micro Peel

A quick and non-irritating removal of dead cells and debris to improve the appearance of dull, coarse or wrinkled skin. Gently exfoliates acne or congested skin and is perfect for preparing the skin before professional treatments. 



Designed for a wide range of skin condition with the aim of repairing the cell membranes and helping to rebuild a stronger, healthier and better functioning skin. They are formulated to aid in improvement of barrier function and transepidermal water loss. Recommended for acne, inflamed or reactive skin, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, ageing and clients undergoing professional skin revision treatments. Consult your Doctor before use if pregnant or nursing. This should not replace a balanced diet. Only use as directed.