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Awarding winning NIMA Brush is an Irish professional Makeup Brush company specialising in Professional Make Up Tools & Accessories. The company was established by long time Irish makeup artist, Niamh Martin, who has over 15 years experience of working as a professional within the Irish and UK beauty industry. NIMA Brush are manufactured using the most natural fibers and strongest brush ferrules. This will ensure your make up brush not only lasts for you, but is of the highest professional grade.



5 Piece Eye Detail Set (Travel Size)      

5 Piece Eye Detail Set (Travel Size) €30 with Tube €45Large Shader: Use this for base shadow or to sweep shadow all over your eye

Small Shader/Smudge: Used to work shadow under the lower lash line for a Smokey, smudged effect or can be used to apply shadow to the lid of the eye

Crease Blender: The tapered point is created to get right into the socket line

Bent Eye Liner:  This is bent to enable you to get into the inner corner of the eye

Angled Brow: This sturdy synthetic brush will give you that perfectly tapered brow. Can also be used for eyeliner application and when creating a feline flick effect


The Starter Set: The Basics                             

A fantastic beginners brush set for those looking to invest in a good quality set of brushes for the first time. Also works as a handy travel set for those on the go with slightly shorter brush handles and a fold over case to store your brushes and keep them clean and protected.

7 professional brushes from the Elite Collection housed together in a classic quilted style clutch case.

The Starter Set the Basics €45What the set includes:

1 x Medium Powder Brush (Pony)

1 x Flat Head Kabuki (taklon)

1 x Large Shader (sable)

1 x Concealer Brush (synthetic)

1 x Crease Blender (pony)

1 x Pencil Smudge (synthetic)

1 x Angled brow/liner (synthetic)



The Starter Set 3: The Girls On Tour

7 of the bestselling brushes from the Artistic Collection. Complete with shorter handles for on the go application but still with the exact same high quality standard of hair of that of their older sisters!

The Starter Set 3 The Girls On Tour €55What the set includes:

The Blaithín (tapered powder/blush)

The Jane (duo fibre stipple/foundation)

The Tara (tight haired contour/blush)

The Danielle (precision brow)

The Debs (crease blender)

The Patricia (synthetic crease/buffer)

The Ollie (smudger)



The Build It Up Eye Set

8 Premium quality eye brushes for “building up’ the perfect eye, presented in wallet style leather

Nima Brush

What the set includes:

Belle – Sheer application of shadow and blending within the contour of the eye

Loni – For shading or blending of powder or creamy products.

Selfie – a finely tapered pony haired eye blender perfect for socket line work

Harrie – Large synthetic shader for applying both cream or powder or Concealer work

Harvey – A small synthetic brush ideal for concealer work, structure or fine detail

Bertie – A pencil brush ideal for precision shading on the lid, in the crease or along lashline

Dale – short, rounded smudge brush ideal for lid or lower lashline work

Mise – Angled brush for creating sharp, precise lines. Perfect for structure brows or liner detail


Also Available:

Individual Brushes



NIMA Brush Egg

The Nima Brush Egg can be used to clean your makeup brushes cutting the time in half, using less soap or shampoo and less water. Check out our video to see how it work. The Nima Brush Egg is available in duck egg blue or blush pink.


Nima Brush

The Nima Mitt is an Irish, eco-friendly makeup removal mitt brought to us by Nima Brush. It’s simply very, very, tiny fibres (smaller than a human hair) are closely woven and when wet with just regular tap water they can be swept over the skin to remove makeup, oil, grime – all that nasty stuff without causing any irritation to the skin. And that’s all there is to it! No cleansers, no soap or anything.Give your mitt a wash with a bar of soap (not liquid soap, it just doesn’t work quite as well, any bar soap will do) and leave it to dry wherever suits. Don’t leave it sitting damp, whatever you do and for the love of all things holy, do not put it in the washing machine! Treated well these little babies will last you ages and ages.


The NIMA Nets

TNima_Netshe Nima Net from Nima Brush helps to keep your brushes hygienic and in perfect shape for anytime use. Perfect for those on the go, these keep your brush hair protected and free from damage or snagging in kits or handbags. Flexible yet strong material that enhances performance making your brushes more durable

The Nima Net also aids your brush cleaning regime allowing your makeup brushes to dry bristle-side down so water can escape properly, allowing your brushes to dry in perfect shape!