SilDerm™ is a new concept in the beauty and aesthetics market. For many years the best kept beauty secrets have been kept in expensive clinics and kept secret by the ‘A’ List celebrities.

These breakthroughs have been developed by scientists, studied under the most stringent clinical conditions and used by the select few, who knew that they worked because the data proved, beyond doubt that these clinically proven products were effective.  All of the SilDerm™ range has been proven to be effective under the most stringent clinical studies, done by experts in their fields.

SilDerm Stretch Mark Prevention Oil

30ml-Oil-Lo-resMost women do what they can to prevent Stretch Marks but still over 70% of pregnant women still have Stretch Marks. SilDerm™ for the Prevention of Stretch Marks Oil contains ingredients that have been proven to significantly reduce the formation of Stretch Marks.

SilDerm™ for Stretch Mark Prevention Oil, contains several unique, safe and effective ingredients that have been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of Stretch Marks.

Gotu KolaGOTU KOLA: an extract from the Centella asiatica plant that stimulate fibroblast cells to produce collagen

TocopherolTOCOPHEROL: natural vitamin E—a strong antioxidant that helps prevent tissue damage.


 All the ingredients in SilDerm™ for Stretch Mark Prevention Oil have been screened for use in Pregnancy.


SilDerm Stretch Mark Repair Cream

03012014133006Stretch Marks occur as a result of excessive tension put on the skin, usually during pregnancy.  During one of the most joyous times of a mother’s life, it is unfortunate that nearly 70% of new mothers will have Stretch Marks. Stretch Marks are difficult to treat because the  scars cause an indentation in the skin and redness that may take many years to go.

Treatment for Stretch Marks has been hit and miss with various companies making misleading claims about their products effectiveness.  On reviewing the clinical data, the Doctor’s at SilDerm™  developed a formulation that had ingredients with proven efficacy at helping with the overall improvement of the Stretch Marks.   There are many treatments that claim effectiveness, but, only SilDerm™ for Stretch Mark Repair  Cream has clinical data to support these claims. 

SilDerm™ Stretch Mark Repair Cream

  1. Reduces the length of the Stretch Mark
  2. Reduces the redness of the Stretch Mark
  3. Improves the indentation of the Stretch Marks

SilDerm™ for Stretch Mark Repair  Cream is a unique combination of effective and safe ingredients that are proven to reduce the discolouration caused by Stretch Marks and decrease the depth of the Stretch Mark

SilDerm™ Stretch Mark Repair Cream contains unique ingredients that have been proven to help improve the appearance of existing Stretch Marks

DARUTOSIDE: A botanical ingredient from the plant Siegesbeckia orientalis which is found in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Japan, and Australia. Darutoside can improve the appearance of a Stretch Marks.

  • In controlled trials, Darutoside decreases the length of the Stretch Mark by 50%
  • In the same trial, the indentation depth was decreased by 55%

REGISTRIL: A combination of ingredients including Phaseolus lunatus (green bean extract), rutin (from fruits and berries). Clinical studies show that with topical use, twice daily for two months, Registril can improve a Stretch Mark’s colour while also decreasing the its depth by up to 72%.

SilDerm™ for Stretch Mark Repair Cream has been clinically proven to reduce the redness that is seen in Stretch Marks, but also to improve the indentation in the skin. All the ingredients in SilDerm™ Stretch Mark Repair Cream have been screened for safety during Pregnancy and Breast feeding.


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