3D Skintech Medical Grade Peels

The 3D Skintech Medical Peels exfoliate the top layers of the skin whilst stimulating the natural renewal of skin cells. The peels target and treat dull skin, premature ageing, pigmentation, mild acne, acne scarring, back acne, congestion or uneven skin tone. The Light Peels work on the surface layer of the skin, the epidermis and the Deep Peels penetrate and work deeper into the dermal tissues of the skin.
Chemical Peels have been used throughout history as far back as Ancient Eypty and Ancient Rome. The Egyptians regenerated their skin using sour milk(which is a source of lactic acid) and the Romans used grape skins (source of tartaric acid) to exfoliate their skin.

There are four types of peels in the 3D Skintech range;
– Lightening Peel 30%/70%
– Jessner Peel
– BHA Peel 10%/20%
– TCA Peel 10%/20%

A free consultation and patch test are required 24-48 hours prior to treatment

Lightening Peel 30% & 70%   

Containing AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) such as Glycolic (derived from sugarcane) to remove the surface of skin and improve hydration. AHA’s dissolve and break down the bond that holds the skin cells thinning the stratum corneum, leaving a small layer for the skin to encourage regeneration. Suitable for fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dull skin, and congested skin.

Jessner Peel  

A more thorough peel than AHA’s and works on the 2nd and 3rd layer of the epidermis accelerating the skin rejuvenation process. Jessner consists of Resorcinal, Salicylic acid, and Lactic acid.
Benefits mild acne, acne scars, uneven skin tone, congested skin and sun-damaged or aged skin.

BHA 10% & 20%  

Beta Hydroxy Acid (Salicylic Acid) peel is pure BHA ingredients that decongests clogged pores, reduces sebum output while providing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits for problematic skin. Best suited to oily, acne-prone skin, blackheads, congestion, rosacea, and back acne.

TCA 10% & 20%  

TCA (Tri Chloracetic Acid) is the strongest and deepest of the 3D Skintech medical peel range killing the proteins within the cell. It works on lines and wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, acne scars, premature ageing, and problematic skin.


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