Decolletage Rejuvenation

Decolletage is a french word derived from ‘decolleter’ meaning to ‘reveal the neck’. The skin of the chest is thin, often neglected during daily skincare and with ‘low-cut’ fashion frequently exposed to the ageing effects of uv radiation. As a result the decolletage can be a tell tale sign of ageing contrasting against the appearance of the face.
What can be done for the decolletage?

Conservative measures include the use of a daily moisturiser and an appropriate SPF. Medical grade lightening agents can be used to lessen pigmentation. OBAGI’s ELASTIderm Decolletage System consists of two products (a wrinkle reducing lotion and a skin lightening complex) designed to rejuvenate the decolletage skin.

Restylane Vital is an injectable treatment whereby micro doses of hyaluronic acid are injected using a special pen-injector. This hydrates and rejuvenates the decolletage area. To achieve optimal results a course of 3 initial treatments is recommended at 1 month intervals.