Non Surgical Nose Shaping

What is non surgical nose shaping?

Non surgical nose shaping or non surgical rhinoplasty is a safe alternative to traditional rhinoplasty. Using dermal fillers the shape and profile of the nose can be changed disguising the appearance of humps and bumps, straightening hooked noses and softening the appearance of some sideways deviations. This procedure can even be used to refine residual deformities after traditional rhinoplasty.
What are the advantages of non surgical nose shaping?

Unlike traditional rhinoplasty general anaesthesia is not required. Results are instant and Dr Kent will involve you at all stages of the procedure allowing you to observe the results with a mirror meaning you are in control. There is little downtime and patients often return to work straight afterwards.

What filler is used?

This procedure can be performed using either hyaluronic acid based fillers or Radiesse. Dr Kent has significant experience performing this procedure and has a short list of preferred fillers for this procedure. After consultation and examination Dr Kent will make his recommendation and reasoning for choice(s) of filler.

How long does the procedure take?

The injection procedure itself is quick. Often more time is spent in consultation – understanding a patients area(s) of concern, discussing expectations, and explaining achieveable outcomes.

Are the results of treatment instant?

Yes, the results of treatment are instant. You will be able to observe this with a mirror at different stages of the procedure. There may be some mild initial swelling.