Thread Vein Reduction – Microsclerotherapy

Microsclerotherapy is considered the gold standard treatment for thread veins in the legs. It involves the injection of a solution known as a sclerosant into leg thread veins. The sclerosant causes swelling of the vein walls and gradual breakdown of the vein. Repeat treatments may be necessary and on average one can expect an 80% improvement in the visible appearance of thread veins.

Before undergoing microsclerotherapy it is necessary to undergo a doppler ultrasound assessment of the deep veins in the legs. This will determine if there is reflux in the venous valves, something which needs to be dealt with by a vascular surgeon before undergoing microsclerotherapy. Dr Kent performs routine doppler assessments before commencing microsclerotherapy.

After treatment it is necessary to wear compression stockings as advised by your treating doctor. Repeat treatments may be required and these can be scheduled at intervals no less than 4 weeks.

Treatment may cause some pain, burning and itching at the injections sites. The areas treated may appear red and it is not uncommon for treated veins to appear more prominent before they gradually fade. As the veins fade some patients develop areas of brown pigmentation in the skin – this discolouration is due to a pigment in blood known as haemosiderin and may take some months to go away.